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Colorful bubble pendant lamp nonstop innovation

Before you may only saw pendant lamp in classic mode, old and ancient style, but now it come s with so many color, in terms of colorful bubble pendant lamp. The key is simple, to innovate people with its endless creation of bubble pendant lamp for the best performance of living and avoid people bored. Yet you know the human is always be developed with creation, innovation, and invention. While you may only see bubble lamp in white, or even placed in dining room, now you can get another color even with pattern to be placed in anywhere, dining room, your private room, bedroom, but it is not even suitable to be placed in bathroom.

Colorful bubble pendant lamp ideas

Colorful bubble pendant lamp ideas

You may know international best designer of pendant lamp such as George Nelson. He introduced it as the sign of modernism in 1947made from steel frame with translucent plastic as its cover emitting soft light. From its pioneer, bubble pendant light preferred for style, decoration, and life style instead of main lighting function. But following civilization development, it is always be re-made into fashionable and function table lamp, also with its new innovation of colorful bubble pendant lamp.
Colorful bubble pendant lamp

Color the room with colorful bubble pendant lamp. It sounds fabulous to remodel your room lighting into this one. An effective light that hanging on roof with steel rope. Trust me you may get more spirit with futuristic style of lamp. And here is modern and simple. See how it would be complex while you need to put on any crystal chandelier, because bubble pendant lamp is the best choice to complete your modern simple home design. You may check one example of bubble pendant lamp usage. Lisa Perry, world clothing designer hang fourteen bubble pendant lamp on her dining room. it is awesome indeed. Do not be restricted with ordinary round of bubble; you may modify it with oval form, with many texture choices for more completed design. Art is not limited so you can always improve it with anything in your head. Colorful idea is in the aim of coloring your room to make your life is more colorful and enjoyable than before. Just try it in your home.

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