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French country kitchen lighting

A French country kitchen lighting can be a welcome addition to your home because it offers the warmth of a rustic castle kitchen. Even if your kitchen was not originally designed with a French country style, you can always turn your kitchen some countries using French related items, accessories and decoration. Here are some ideas to produce a rustic feeling in your kitchen:
French country kitchen lighting
1. Color
Let’s start with color. Generally, a French country kitchen lighting clean and uses colors of light as off-white and ivory. You can combine the light colors with a touch of earth tones such as beige and brown natural. Choose additional colors that have the illusion of sunlight faded colors such as orange or yellow in golden tones. Using green or bright blue can be difficult, however, you may want to avoid them because they look too the Mediterranean. Summer cottages are well known for its generous natural French country kitchen lighting. Have large windows to let sunlight shine in your kitchen will enhance the country will.
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2. Texture
As was mentioned earlier about the color selection, the choice of furniture, articles of mural painting, or another color with a faded sun is important. Weathered appearance give the illusion of vintage items in your French country kitchen. You can also use wrought iron or rusted metal for the cabinet and drawer pulls. Equipping the kitchen with objects made from natural materials such as wicker chairs and wooden tables and countertops stone is also a good idea. Not just for countertops, stone such as marble, tile, and limestone can also be applied to walls.
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3. Devices
It will be very difficult to find modern appliances that have a vintage look. As a workaround, you can install wood siding, such as those that look like cabinets to hide your refrigerator modern or industrial research, an oven and other kitchen appliances. This is a challenge.
french country kitchen lighting 2013
4. Lighting
If you have a large kitchen, it’s a good idea to decorate the ceiling with an elegant crystal chandelier. Do not choose a chandelier with a modern design. Take a tour of flea markets and see if you can find a vintage chandelier perfect for a bargain price. However, you should not use a chandelier if your kitchen is a medium or small. In this case, a huge chandelier will only make your kitchen looks much smaller.
french country kitchen lighting ideas
french country kitchen lighting chandeliers

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