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Kitchen without upper cabinets

Planning experts believe that one of the most important concepts of kitchen design kitchen triangle design.
is a simple concept, which combines form and function, which is one of the rooms that used to house a functional, elegant and cozy. The National Kitchen and Bath Association defines “work triangle”, an imaginary line that the three most used items in any kitchen: sink, stove and refrigerator.
Kitchen without upper cabinets
Zinc is the site-preparation, cooking hobs, refrigerators and cold storage. This is the hub of all activity in the kitchen. A functional and well designed kitchen is a good workflow, and enjoyable experience.

The basic design of the kitchen design is a triangle of three sides measuring more than 26 feet long. Just any two jobs, and should be between 4 and 9 meters, without preventing the peninsula or island more than 12 inches. In addition, domestic traffic does not flow directly from the workspace.
Kitchen without upper cabinets design
Some of the causes of these Kitchen without upper cabinets guidelines that the food handler has often go to these workstations, due to distance effective and simple workflow, and domestic traffic stop workflow.

There are several variations of the standard triangle. L is a long-shaped kitchen wall intersects the two parts of the short wall of the others, it is an essential element of vanity.

Dual D kitchen allows for plenty of storage space and larger kitchen counters, and an extra sink or cook top has two functional triangular another chef. U-kitchen has three types of wall with the center of the sink and cook top and refrigerator opposite of each other.
Kitchen without upper cabinets 2012
G is based on the kitchen-U-shape by placing the fourth wall, which further cooking the top of the tank, or to obtain the two functional triangles. I-shaped kitchen small, perhaps only a narrow range, and is used if the sink is in the middle. The central basin of this is not possible to take advantage of the triangle-triangle concept partially.

Galley has double I-shape, with Kitchen without upper cabinets, counters, and our three key elements on opposite walls. The sink should have its own against the wall hob and fridge.
Kitchen without upper cabinets design
A few things to consider when preparing a kitchen triangle design has room for you, how you interact with the home state of the flow of traffic, if you double the triangle, and in general how many to prepare for.

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