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Natural Fiber Carpet

Area rugs are available in a variety of natural and man-made fibers. In addition to that, made you a safe and friendly country, natural fiber carpets using environmentally friendly materials and processes, which also reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.

While you may have many good choices when it comes to Natural Fiber Carpet, here are some popular examples to choose from:

Natural Fiber Carpet design• Villa: Did you know that the famous Oriental and Persian rugs use wool? Villa is one of the most popular and favored materials for area rugs, and not without reason. In addition to the natural, fire-and odor-free, these spreads over which water will bead on top of it instead of being absorbed. In addition spelled the dirt and stains which means easier cleaning. In addition, wool is very durable and aging quite gracefully its vitality will last longer than many synthetic fibers.

Natural Fiber Carpet ideas• Jute: Jute is mainly collected from trees grown in some Asian regions, plant Natural Fiber Carpet dried spinning threads. This natural fiber has been used since ancient times for making carpets. Jute is a very soft, yet durable, and that is also resistant to fire. Another advantage is that jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers that make such carpets highly preferred. Their colors range from light to dark golden brown, which has given it the moniker and the golden fiber rugs made of jute to give a warm look to the room.

Natural fiber carpet flooring• Bamboo: You may already know the stability of furniture made of bamboo, now the same resistance can be transferred to the bamboo area rugs. In addition to the fire retardant, dirt and spills can be washed off without much effort, so bamboo rugs very easy to maintain. Bamboo is also known to be allergenic properties and may be beneficial, especially if you have allergies that can increase certain other materials. Natural Fiber Carpet are an ideal choice for high traffic areas or if you want to put blankets in the open places.

• Sea Grass: Seaweed is another option for Asia. It has grown not only rice and paddy’s water, making this a natural fiber durable and more stain resistant. Interestingly seagrass not handle a variety of colors and chemicals that make it a truly natural and free of allergens. Also, the different shades of green, when woven area rug can give you a unique blend of color and texture.

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