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Kitchen sink is one of the most important in the kitchen, because it is a point in space, which is used the most. A good quality Natural modern kitchen can last a lifetime building. On the other hand, poor quality worktop make an otherwise attractive kitchen very unsightly, may increase the harmful bacteria, making the surface a health hazard.

Natural modern kitchen contemporarySystem, kitchen design, countertops are like the icing on the cake. There are many products available that are both high performance and attractive. Performance-wise, quartz countertops – consists of 97% quartz and 3% epoxy and binders – are superior to other surfaces. Quartz is non-porous (like food), cookware, stain proof and shockproof. Aesthetically speaking, quartz looks just like natural stone, but it is available as “novelty” colors and also whites and blacks. Bits of mirror can add to the mix a dose of drama and sparkle. The main drawback of quartz is the cost: it is about eight times more expensive than laminate and about 20% more expensive than natural stone. It can be an expensive product, but it takes a life in the housing (as opposed to other kitchen benches).

Natural modern kitchen ideasThe Natural modern kitchen technology ensures that develops and produces work platforms have changed much in the last 10 years. Laminate – usually expensive option – especially has come a long way. Advances in coating and finishes led to a more sustainable products. Many new laminate products have a scratch and stain resistant coating that extends the life of the product. There is also laminate that is textured to look and feel just like stone, this is a good option is cheaper, of natural stone. Compared with other materials, the laminate the widest range of colors and finishes. And if you can not find what you’re looking for, custom laminate also be prepared.

Natural modern kitchen decorOther popular countertop material is resin composite, wood butcher block, natural stone (especially granite), and even recycled glass terrazzo. The new trend in Natural modern kitchen is a mixture of various countertop materials. Some customers want to have a separate “areas” for their kitchen dedicated to a specific task. Also popular is the increase in the limit on a work surface, a wood butcher block or make a butcher block island or other controversial material. The same material but of different colors can be used in the kitchen for creating a visual effect.

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