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Roof terrace garden design

The Roof terrace garden design is a type of garden on the roof of the building. Since then, people have developed a love for growing plants on top of the structures. In addition to the decorative benefit, roof plantings they actually provide temperature control, food and habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities and architectural enhancements. In some cities due to lack of gardening areas, many turn to roof gardens.

Roof terrace garden design 2012This type of Roof terrace garden design can be activated in the building to take care of their own waste and water management. With hydroponics, and other methods, you can expand the number of opportunities the garden on top of the roofs. A good way to do this is by reducing the enormous weight of soil or necessary. Therefore, planting containers are common in these gardens . Potter may be too heavy for the roof and cause roof leaks.

Living in small apartments should not prevent you from getting the garden. You can have a vertical garden or square foot gardening. Vertical gardening is to plant at the living room walls. It takes less space than the traditional square foot gardening method.

Roof terrace garden design ideasBefore, it is important to cultivate, weed and remove any pests. Also recycled by composting. In fact, small apartments, Bokashi compost-type system is much more convenient compared to conventional composting. The safest type of compost manure from herbivores.

In this busy world, most people find solace in nature. If you are too tired to do the walks in the park, and you can not go for walks in nature all the time, with a garden at home, especially in your terrace is the best solution to this problem. Therefore terrace gardening is a form of indoor gardening, which involves the care of indoor plants.

Roof terrace garden design decorThe following are some tips for Roof terrace garden design g. Your roof must be strong enough to bear the weight of the garden. Also check the effective drainage system. And finally, make sure there are no leaks.Terrace gardening, keep proportional shrubs, lawns, small trees and ground covers. You can also liven up your garden angle stones and other naturalistic designs.

After this you need to choose a variety of plants you want. Fiber-rooted plants are better than tap-rooted plants. This is because the tap rooted plants can grow and cause damage to the building structure.

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