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Shower room head

Using a shower head in your bathroom is more fun than it sounds. Aside from the usual compliments of your friends who come to see the beauty inside your bathroom, you’ll actually feel its benefits when you go under the steady stream of water flowing over the head and body, light and refreshing.
Shower room head
Compared with traditional Shower room head that use high pressure water to run directly on your body, you sometimes ill along the way, do rain shower heads do not push the water, they dropped. It’s a huge difference between the two. For those who want to shower the hard and strong, you can not get the satisfaction you are looking for a head in the rain, but if you want to experience this ancient sense of play in the rain again, this new way of taking a shower is for you.
Shower room head ideas
For those of you who already have, I am sure you have fun with. These tips can help you add more spice to the shower. For those who do not have it, they can help to convince you to try some.

Proper positioning – To maximize the effect of the shower, place Shower room head right above your head so you can maximize the feeling that this could give you. Some shower heads are still attached. If the shower head is mounted so that you may consider buying an extension arm for your shower head. Keep the shower directly over your head will give you the impression of raindrops falling directly on the head.
Shower room head design
The correct Shower room head size – Size does matter. The smallest diameter of the head rain shower, the water pressure you can get from him. You can begin with heads 6 inches, and work your way up a large shower head up to 12 inches with less pressure and more coverage. Will give you the true feeling of playing in the rain.
Shower room head 2012

Concentrate on holes – Little attention is paid to the holes in the shower head, but it is an important factor affecting the quality of water supply. There are shower heads that have perforated lines with rain water. If water pressure is very low, which can pile water up like water from the tap and in conflict with the goal of having a rain shower. The best rain shower heads are those of the individual holes that are exactly the facts that will allow jets to run out and not just more. This will ensure that water comes out perfectly, like real rain, even if water pressure is low.

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