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Stylish small living rooms

Accessories make a room-style house? There are so many elements in styling his house, choosing the right paint to select the type of flooring, but undoubtedly the most important factor is choosing the style accents just, shabby chic home accessories to tips of silver plate or pewter elegant. A mixture of contemporary home accessories and a few older pieces, can add depth.
Stylish small living rooms
Stylish small living rooms Accessories are essential to life a living room is often your room and showcase the most relaxed space of the house, while the softness and warmth should be introduced.
Stylish small living rooms  2013
When deciding which life bathroom accessories to go because it is important to mix seasonal trends with timeless pieces so you do not find the room was dated faster than you can say black cushion! Contemporary home accessories can often be added to following trends Fashion Week for color and texture.
Stylish small living rooms
Tin is an example where you have a certain softness and warmth while maintaining the timeless element in Stylish small living rooms accessories. By tin we can refer to an old tin tray on a bedside table, some general shabby chic accessories or urn tin distressed that evokes the atmosphere of a French manor.
Stylish small living rooms  width=Stylish small living rooms accessories to decorate the top shelves, such as vases spaced architectural and bought a chunk from a holiday away. Vary the heights of books with the greatest in the middle. Do not put small books next to tall books.

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