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Upper cabinet in kitchen

There are several methods used in the upper cabinet mounted. I have thirty years experience of installing kitchen cabinets. These techniques have proven to be the easiest way for me to hang on the wall top. These tips will save you hours of frustration if you use them.

One of the first step Upper cabinet in kitchen is to determine the thickness of the sticks and strips have been placed. I do this, press the plaster in my knuckles first. When I find a place where I think there is one, I start drilling 3/16 inch holes in different places. These holes will be drilled in the region where the attachments include them when they are mounted. When I hit yo, I did not mean it. Then I measure more than sixteen inches from the plate and touch the wall while looking for the next stud. Repeat until all are located and marked.
Upper cabinet Design in kitchen
Sets the basic cabinet is placed off the floor and make two adjustable prop sticks of four pieces of pine. The standard height to install wall cabinets are equipped with fifty to four inches off the floor. These should be adjusted to the props only slightly larger than if the cabinet.

Mark a line on the wall of the level, where the bottom of the first upper cabinet is installed. You must get the government completely installed horizontally. In most cases, the first rise at an angle.
Upper cabinet in kitchen 2012
If you want to cut a filler and attach it to the chassis to do next. It’s a good idea to keep the level against the wall, where fillers are installed to see if the bills or humps in the books. If you want to cut rags leaning cabinet shall be mounted in vertical and cut out the filler skewed. Upper cabinet in kitchen Installation of all cabinets must be level, plumb and square. All changes to ensure that the cabinet will be installed at the level of filler.
Upper cabinet in kitchen
Drill 3/16 inch width of the housing through openings in the first place the same as if the pins are disposed on the wall.

Place the propeller angle of the stick, just below the level of the line. Raising a first upper chamber and adjust the level in line with the props that they support the weight of the cabinet. Keep the Upper cabinet in kitchen stable and secure with two screws to the wall number.

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