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In today’s homes, the kitchen and bathroom to a number of models. Often they have renovated an older home, but should be carefully considered in building a new home as efficiently as possible. But homeowners want to know that so much time and money will be used to design and renovate the Utility room pix.
Utility room pix ideas
So here are some tips on cleaning efficiency, while building a new home.

Put the laundry room near the bedrooms than most, such as washing dirty clothes and bedding should be there. This is particularly important for two storey buildings, it is painful lift clothes baskets up and down daily.
Utility room pix ideas
The wash room should preferably be 5×7 meters comfortably accommodate your washer and dryer stacked or side by side, and has space for cabinets and desks too much. Coffee in the room can be installed on board to save space.

The laundry should be a box, with or without too much moisture in the exhaust fan not only lead to the formation of mold walls. Use to clean tiles and flooring is easy care and maintenance. Painting walls and ceilings in light colors, preferably in a good brand, easy to clean, with a mold preventer prolong his life in a laundry.
Utility room pix 2012
Investing in a pan under the Utility room pix, preferably a plastic one drainage hole, which is connected to the sewer line to prevent accidents, if you have accidentally washing machine overflow. It carries out this excess water directly into the drain line instead of on the floor.

Use only hoses with precious metal will break and laundry room than the older rubber they can break, which usually happens when you are not home. Although a bit expensive, they are worth it.
Utility room pix design
Cabinets are installed in your laundry room may have a fancy or clean up. Although the open shelves look good, nothing to build up the mess to be an ugly shelves. The best option of Utility room pix is a fixed version of the melamine surface because they are durable and easy to clean. Choose light colors to brighten the room.

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