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Two wall gallery kitchen

There are many varieties of kitchen floor plans. Some of them are more practical than others. Some people have more space, while others are so small that you can move around quickly. Who are working to find work to do, it helps to learn the basic types of Two wall gallery kitchen design.
Two wall gallery kitchen
If you are building a holiday home, or by placing a small apartment in the garage, floor plan that works best, it is wall plans. Such a plan will work best if you put in the middle of the pool equipment on each side. But it’s not very nice to be a chef, which produces many complex dishes. In addition, humans can easily drown in front and rear, if the door at both ends.

In practical work Triangle
Kitchen galley can not be a good design of the Two wall gallery kitchen for small spaces, especially when attached to the other end. Kitchen space floor plans, to expand the kitchen into two opposing walls. This will give you easier to work on a triangle. Allow four feet in the opposite counter tops to give room to work. Corridor kitchen is the same, but it is open at both ends. This may be a problem when people go through when you try to cook a meal.
Two wall gallery kitchen design
Ask the Contractor

U-shaped kitchen is a three-sided plan. It makes a dead end with no one to disturb you, go by yourself. It may be a workstation in each of three walls. The main work stations, stove, refrigerator and sink. You also have a job where you chopping and mixing. You want your kitchen cabinet to store all the goods and the food is three walls.
Two wall gallery kitchen ideas
You have a generous amount of counter space. The only thing you need to remember that you need a certain amount of space to design this kind of work. Ask your contractor if you have enough space.

Kitchens L-shape can be more compact

Two wall gallery kitchen plans where the L-shaped design. They are longer than the two major walls which are in the work, and a short wall of the third. This is not a plan for a small kitchen. You need a lot of benches on the long wall to make up for lack of a wall. It happens to set up the room this way, but it is actually more space-saving kitchen than the U-shaped kitchen.
Two wall gallery kitchen 2012

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